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Ms. Simon Says…lets talk about school

20 years of teaching in public schools has shown me exactly what is wrong with the system, and what is best for kids. COVID 19 is just highlighting the problems. What can you do? Start a movement...have your $10000 government spending per child follow your child not your zip code.

Ms. Simon Says…

lets talk about what the heck is going on...because it mattes.  From Reconstruction to Civil Rights to now what is the thread that binds might surprise you.

Ms. Simon Says…

Let's talk about the ugly parts of American History - Slavery, Jim Crow Era, week we continue with Reconstruction and the creation of the KKK.

If you like the information I share and want to read can purchase my textbook Beyond Auschwitz: Holocaust & Human Rights Education for the 21st century.  from amazon...

Ms. Simon Says…lets talk about the ugly parts of history

Race is a social construct...let that sink in...lets talk about how it was created, why, and why we still give it any credibility. Who are we without it? Do you nurture your shell or your essence?

Ms. Simon Says…

Let me tell you a story in honor of the brave men and women of WWII and most especially of D-Day on this 76th anniversary

Ms. Simon Says…Lets get off the Hamster Wheel part 2

we were briefly interrupted in our discussion, but hopefully not less inspired to bring about positive energy and change.

Ms. Simon Says…Lets get off the Hamster Wheel part 1

Today I am sad but hopeful for our country. Today I am talking directly to our teenagers in their efforts to create change...

Ms. Simon Says…

Let's Talk about has the high stakes testing environment of our public school system for the past 30 years or more affected our society, affected individual students, and our overall ability to be innovative, creative, individuals who understand fact vs propaganda, our rights, etc.

Ms. Simon Says…what are best practices for Covid -19

As we go back to life what is still scary about the virus? Why is it important to get back to normal? What are the best practices for living through this? What is the Covid Slide? What concerns you most?

Ms. Simon Says…Namaste

Namaste...lets look at how we honor each other's humanity. Why that matters beyond the feel good sound of it and how it affects our entire society.